Gladhouse Townhomes

The Community Development Corporation of Utah (CDCU) is a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing throughout Utah, helping low-to-moderate income families make homeownership a reality.  In that aim, they teamed up with Blalock and Partners to develop new for-sale townhomes in the Glendale district of Salt Lake City.  Dubbed the Gladhouse Townhomes, the project is a two-phase development at the northwest corner of 1000 West and 1700 South.  Phase I consists of 10 “rowhouse” style townhomes fronting 1700 South, varying from 1 bed / 1 bath to 3 bed / 2 bath units.  Phase II sits directly west of Phase I and consists of 20, 3 story, 2 bed / 3 bath units, each with an attached two car garage.  The design team worked with the CDCU to develop efficient – yet comfortable – living space configurations, all adorned with durable and modern materials inside and out.  The resulting townhomes are a positive case study in the realm of affordable housing, giving new home owners pride in their first purchase.