Row 17

The 1700 South corridor east of the I-15 has experienced a recent insurgence of new retail and services, making it a newly attractive district of Salt Lake City.  As a result, the housing market in the area is in need of a new condominium type — one of affordability and a contemporary aesthetic.  Located on the corner of 1700 South and Richards Street, Row 17 takes its inspiration from the “row house” organizational concept where elongated living quarters are stacked horizontally and vertically with the façade displaying an overall unifying rhythm.    Each  “two-over-two” stacked unit is surrounded by a rectangular shroud that expresses the division between each unit, and gives depth to the north and south elevations.  The dark cementitious plastered shrouds are contrasted by warm cedar siding inset within.  Each unit is provided with ample deck space, allowing each owner the opportunity to engage the pedestrian walkway and street.


Image credit:  Bowen Studios