Spanish Fork Community Network Facility

Spanish Fork Community Network (SFCN) provides internet, cable and phone services for city residents.  It also provides I.T. services for city staff and is the home of a local television station, SF17, which provides an outlet for local content such as city council meetings, high school sports and other events around town.

Spanish Fork City has continued to experience a rapid rate of growth, increasing pressure on local services including SFCN.  In response, Spanish Fork City recognized the need for an additional facility.  Its existing facility will remain operational but will now be dedicated to production of the SF17 channel as well as general SFCN operations.  The new facility – approximately 21,000 SF – will become the new SFCN administration building and warehouse.  The design team found inspiration in the very nature of SFCN’s services, which heavily revolve around current technology.  The team thus sought to create an architectural design that displays innovation in materials and systems, sophistication in connections by means of visible structural connections, and a general lightness in the building’s aesthetics.  Construction is anticipated to be completed early 2024.