Davis County Administration Building

The Davis County Administration Building is part of the new complex completing the Davis County civic campus in Farmington, Utah. The three story, 73,000 total square foot building houses all departments previously located in the Farmington Courthouse, including the Clerk/Auditor, Treasurer, Information Systems, and Planning & Economic Development departments. A definitive relationship and connection between the existing courthouse and the new administration building is created through an elongated rectilinear building form and matched setback from Main Street, allowing for a continuation of pedestrian circulation and overall street character. The new Davis County Headquarters Library is physically connected at the south end of the building; an exterior “stone link” creates a seamless transition between the two occupancies. The textured rubble stone link is paired with smooth white limestone cladding, wood-veneered panels and extensive use of glass, all which work collectively to establish a strong sense of civic presence.