SLCo Parks & Public Works Operations Center

The SLCo Parks & Public Works Operations Center is a multi phased project that includes both SLCo Parks and Recreation department and the SLCo Public Works department. Creating an overall Master Plan generated project priorities that informed future phases and the budget needed for all phases. The Master Plan responds to seasonal needs of both the Spring/Summer busy season of Parks and Rec Department and the Fall/Winter busy season of Public Works Department. Shared site components are located to allow equal access from both departments.  Phase I includes a new Administration building, Operations building, Truck Wash, Fueling Station, and all of the required site crucial infrastructure needed for future phases.  Infrastructure needed for Salt Storage and the Vactor Dump component are also included in Phase I design work.  Phase II creates a satellite site on the opposite side of the valley for the SLCo Public Works department. The Phase II work will include renovation of two existing buildings and create storage areas for snow plows.  Phase III completes the Master Plan by constructing Salt Storage, Vactor Dump, Enclosed Parking Garage and Material Storage Areas.  All phases were completed at the end of 2018.


Photography credit:  Alan Blakely