Friends of City Library

The Friends of the City Library (FCL) of Salt Lake City approached Blalock and Partners to discuss a potential renovation of their existing space within the downtown main library.  The space requires a reconfiguration that will better serve the users, but more importantly, it lacks a certain vibrancy needed for attracting more visitors.  After rounds of design study and tinkering within Blalock and Partners’ in-house fabrication shop, the design team proposed three-dimensional screen walls at each of the three structural bays that separate the FCL space from the library’s atrium space.  The primary goal of the screen walls is to preserve an intimate feel within the FCL space while still allowing an audible and visible connection to the activity and abundance of light within the vestibule.  The screen walls are composed of recycled plotter paper tubes (cardboard), each cut at angles on the ends to give the wall a sense of undulation.  The tubes are then bundled into groups of 39 to create modules that break down the scale of the screen wall and allow for a more efficient installation process. The design team created a series of fabrication details and mockups, giving the client a full demonstration and understanding of the concept.