Third Avenue Townhomes

The Third Avenue Townhomes consist of six 3-story “rowhouse” style townhomes in the historic Avenues district of Salt Lake City.  The historic nature of the project location necessitated a sensitive architectural approach – one that would ensure that the project felt comfortably nestled amongst aged structures.  The design team adorned the townhomes with contextually appropriate light toned brick, contrasted with warm wood cladding for a contemporary touch.  Each townhome is 3 bedroom & 4 bath, features a walkup front porch, 2 car garage accessed from a rear alleyway, and a planted rooftop deck that provides expansive views of the Salt Lake Valley.  The interior configurations are efficient, yet comfortable, and feature clean white surfaces contrasted with warm wood finishes throughout.  Additionally, each unit is provided with a skylight at the top of the interior staircase that allows natural light to pour down into all three floors, a feature that benefits the four interior townhomes in particular.  Construction is anticipated to be completed fall of 2023.